Process Design , Piping Design, Civil and Structure Design, Instrument and Control Design, Electrical Design, Mechanical and Equipment Design

Whatever your project needs, we provide a full range of engineering services, ensuring that your project is delivered on scope, time, quality and cost. Our types of engineering services include:

Feasibility Study

Your project needs to start on the right foot, with a solid base prepared for your investment decisions.  Our feasibility study services will help give your project a great start, with services from pre-feasibility and feasibility studies through to conceptual engineering and preliminary design. The scope of our feasibility study services can include:
  • Assessment of the technical, economic, environmental and social viability of a proposed project, including a comparison of alternatives
  • Establishment of a preliminary design of the chosen solutions, including the identification and analysis of the main project parameters with the elaboration of the principal constructive solutions of the engineering project

Basic & Detailed Engineering

Whether you are looking for preliminary design or support with your engineering documentation (including permit applications and licensing), our basic and detailed services will bring our wide breadth of expertise to your project.
Our basic engineering services act as preparation for detailed engineering, and can consist of preliminary design and specifications for an installation or facility.  To help your project development, our basic technical design and specifications range from develop investment estimate through permit applications to licensing. The scope of our basic engineering services can include:
  • Required design of process, mechanical, electrical, automation, HVAC and civil engineering disciplines, technical specifications for the preparation for the detailed engineering
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Participation in technical and/or procurement negotiations
When you have approval for your project, this basic engineering can be developed into our detailed engineering services. Our expertise can provide specifications, implementation drawings, comments to vendor’s documents and all other related documents which define the engineering aspects for construction, erection, commissioning and start-up for your project, right up until implementation.